Monday, March 12, 2007

I can't More

There are times that I ask myself if it will be certain that the things happen, that last a little while single... if in fact single is something momentary. sometimes he is to me absurd to admit that I in the heat of act like any other adolescent depression and that until the things that I do another million already has done it, but that I can do. The dreams went away extinguishing with the sun, the nights frias were recorded in my skin, but the tears todavia ferviertemente fall of my eyes, crossing my face, hiding me the possibilities, drowning me slowly
A person that I know said to me that single she was under the water, and that those small seconds seemed hours, but all she happens, single is necessary to hold, but if those minutes become hours in fact? I am dying, falling, finished. But I cannot judge, that already I am spent, to cry itself privily, to suffer by the other, still I continue being ingenuous, I continue being a person whom it does not love to admit the reality. No, no longer I can, I am on the awares, I lose myself

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Espirit of the Night

you appear,
feeling the cowardice of stars you seize of the dark,
you feel to vibrate little that you have left.
Calm, asi you have to me, covered between your mantle,
the moon does not happen to be but that a star shinning in the sky,
the stars not more than spots.
You leave,
my glance me anxious runs the voice not to return to see you,
you deceive,
you do not know to me how much hurts?
I see you,
from a corner,
I do not dare to approach to me,
you are concrete,
but I do not feel to you.
You come to look for to me,
but you release to you soon,
leaving me in search of a consolation,
in search of which it can change what I feel.
Group of people,
I do not want,
but you once again force to me to lock up to me in my world,
to drown to me between the beautiful lies that a single day were shades
I am here,
I hope single I find anguishes between the torments,
why you take,
I do not understand it,
single I remain here,
watching the sky.
Again the moon is shown to the slope,
the stars fall,
the legend is fulfilled,
and you do not arrive

Monday, March 05, 2007

You're my Shadow

I am here, you cannot see me?
Locked up in some place I am,
Why you do not look for to me?
I do not know that to do,
sometimes the doubts drown my dress,
loggin my badness.
I do not know what is to love, Perhaps you know you to it?

I am here, Why you do not look for to me?
I lock in myself in your dreams,
I hide your feelings,
reflection which you need, everything.
I make die your joy,
I support to me in your old melodies.

I know that you do not want to me,
but Why still you follow with me?,
I turn your days nights,
your face I return them shades.