Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Once Again

Until now, command post I have concentrated in the love that I have left, of distant spot I see it die, before my eyes single the pain is reflected that suffers, and I remain there, without doing nothing, seeing until I complete moment at which my life vanishes, seeing the last moment of breath, watching it to fall before me, pidiendome explanations of its existence, of why I destroyed it, when but it thought that it wanted it. For a moment I believed to have it everything, but I realized of which single she was ill of the lie, believing to me my own illusions, do not want to believe it, but I must accept it, I have fallen again.

Monday, November 27, 2006

What i can do?

It did not want to begin to have the things, to begin to dream coon horizons already drawn up, but I have last not had the spirits to follow. I remain nailed in my own torments. My own words play the luck. It could more be something, but my head repeats thousand times to me no that nothing are. I see around, I see my life pass at a single moment, talves reflections that become attached my soul to a hope without conditions. sometimes I have thought that I am an error, I remain with the sensation of not having the clear things

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I just gotta say...

I must confess that sometimes, I regret which you are to my side and manage not to understand why. It wanted to shout, to say how much I love to you, kiss to you and have to you to my side... but no. Simply I hide between my forgotten corners, treating to forget what is the love. I assure that never I loved and apparently beginning to get worse. It robbed the heart to me, was appropriated my life, but I like to be this, with a heart enamored single with you.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm Me

I prefer to begin with few words, although talvés is not the sufficient ones to express what I feel. I return to begin from down, but not what happens to me. Simply I do not want to continue being, nobody will more make me feel equal but you. Want to try to be what others wish, but cannot change my existence, complexes feelings snatches the wind to me and I follow aqui, escabullendome of which I think, in fact, I do not want to know nothing.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are you?

Once I thought that everything was impossible,
But always you showed the opposed side to me of the things.
I included/understood that single
you want to make me happy.
Or... That is in fact what you wanted?
But nothing of that matters,
the waves rise discharges
and the sun leaves by where it leaves,
Which the moon does not give its splendor
and the sun does not give its heat,
I want to You
and always I will shout it to the sky,
If slip I am here,
My soul this bound to you,
Like sand and sea much more...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I want to be, but i can't

I try to be... but no, my thoughts occur to the flight without having more a pencil and a paper. The tears roll, without having consolation, the torments begin, and to be troubled the heart, leaving me the mind in target, with the darkness of which it cannot be certain. That my desires were exhausted, that my forces were finished, that I encountered and that are no remedy. I continue wanting to think that all that happens, that single is by a time and that soon finished. But my words refuse, the dark becomes a mantle that chokes my hope and hatred covers my eyes. Treatment to forget the problems, the feelings s that drown to me slowly or those deceits that left that imborrable mark in my existence.


I think about the moments that once in the life I could see, but, the tears begin to appear without wanting it, although my heart requests patience to me. I have walked almost a world, but simply I cannot escape of those side streets of my heart. By but that treats I could not tenerte, and now payment my sentence, simply by not tenerte to my side. With pain treatment to see by a breach the immense sky that surrounds to me, making me lose the knowledge of which in fact I am here. So far I cross in the dark my own thoughts, I see them age with the years and I realize of which it did not serve as anything to make them exist, soon to leave them. It was good while hard, knowledge that somebody wanted to me and gave the back me, that I trusted that soon I betray myself, but I resign myself to continue thinking that this has happened and to forget to me completely that I was and I am. I follow my way, hurt by the time and the sadness that drowns my soul, treating to look for what I need, something that makes me feel lives others you see.