Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are you?

Once I thought that everything was impossible,
But always you showed the opposed side to me of the things.
I included/understood that single
you want to make me happy.
Or... That is in fact what you wanted?
But nothing of that matters,
the waves rise discharges
and the sun leaves by where it leaves,
Which the moon does not give its splendor
and the sun does not give its heat,
I want to You
and always I will shout it to the sky,
If slip I am here,
My soul this bound to you,
Like sand and sea much more...


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(/\_SomniuM_/\) said...

All your stuff is so yours... it has your mark upon it, doesn't it?

Or is it me dreaming that I can hear your voice in my head,
soothing my soul
making me move forwards
mersmerizing me?

I guess I do love u,
no matter wether I'm playing tricks on myself
And every single line you write,
every moment you despise,
every second I think of you
confirm that I'm right.

I have you within my soul at all times, and wish you eternal happiness.

Luv yeh, Axel.