Thursday, November 09, 2006


I think about the moments that once in the life I could see, but, the tears begin to appear without wanting it, although my heart requests patience to me. I have walked almost a world, but simply I cannot escape of those side streets of my heart. By but that treats I could not tenerte, and now payment my sentence, simply by not tenerte to my side. With pain treatment to see by a breach the immense sky that surrounds to me, making me lose the knowledge of which in fact I am here. So far I cross in the dark my own thoughts, I see them age with the years and I realize of which it did not serve as anything to make them exist, soon to leave them. It was good while hard, knowledge that somebody wanted to me and gave the back me, that I trusted that soon I betray myself, but I resign myself to continue thinking that this has happened and to forget to me completely that I was and I am. I follow my way, hurt by the time and the sadness that drowns my soul, treating to look for what I need, something that makes me feel lives others you see.