Friday, December 07, 2007

por ahora no tengo palabras...
en realidad ya no se que decir
cosas vagan en la mente, torturando

Monday, November 19, 2007

Breathe no more

Esta es una de mis canciones favoritaaas:
"I've been looking in the mirror for so long,
That i've come to bilieve myself on the other side,
All the little pieces falling,
Shards of me,
Too small to put back together,
Too small to matter,
But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces,
If i try to touch her
And i bleed
I bleed,
And i breathe,
i breathe no more
Take a breath and i try to draw from my spirits well,
Yet again you refuse to drink like a sturbborn child,
Lie to me,
Convice me that i've been sick forever,
And all of this,
Will make sense when i get better,
But i know the difference,
betwen myself and my reflection,
i just can't hold to wonder,
Wich of us do you love?,
So i bleed,
I bleed,
and i breathe,
And i breathe
I breathe no...
i bleed,
And i breathe,
i breathe,
i breathe,
i breathe no more

Tan solo...

Tan solo viviendo,
no haciendo mas que quererte
en silencio.
Estos dias las cosas han ido rapido,
los susurros ya son palabras,
las miradas fragmentos de alma.
Aqui estoy,
simplemente a tu lado,
tratando de olvidar.
Aquellos desiertos sin luna,
No más que tu.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Somos algo asi...

Los momentos son solo susurros del tiempo a la vida,
pero que mas dá.
El tiempo es solo un soplo que atraviesa la mente,
solo haciendo las cosas volar.

Mira atentamente al espejo,
diome qué ves.
Estoy del otro lado en tu reflejo,
que es lo que ves.

Todas las piezas van cayendo,
Creando el espacio que nos va uniendo,

Las dos caras se ven,
somos diferentes.
El amor rompe las cadenas,
dime que sientes.

Esta alma es tuya,
aunque un dia me vaya.
Recuerda que te seguiré amando,
aunque la marea me cubra las alas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Me Duele

Me duele tanto,
dejar de escuchar tu risa,
saber que tu mirada se va perdiendo a traves de mi.

Me cautiva tu llanto,
olvidar que el tiempo pasa deprisa,
mirar como la lluvia lentamente se va reflejando en ti.

Me duele más el solo pensar,
que las sombras estaran en tu lugar,
cerca de mí,
no quiero soltar tus manos

Tan solo pensar que ya no volveras,
dejas mi alma hecha pedazos.
Amarte asi me mantiene viva,
aunque me duela saber que es cierto,
no podria resistir sin tí.
Quererte me ayuda a sonreir mientras estoy perdida,
en un mundo que parece extinto,
solo un infierno al saber que no estas aquí.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Por favor, Por favor, perdoname.
Pero no quiero volver.
Talves un dia mires al cielo,
y preguntes a nadie:
Hay alguien perdido?

No lloraste por mi ausencia,
Me olvidaste hace tiempo,
Tengo tan poca importacia?
Soy tan insignificante?
No hay algo perdido?
No hay alguien perdiendome?

Siempre pense que fuí un sacrificio,
Tu no me buscaste,
No ahora,
Y pensar morir para saber si me amas,
estoy muy sola,
no hay alguien perdiendome?

Si lloro, lloro
sabiendo que no te importa,
y si duermo, solo para soñar contigo
despierto sin ti ahi.
No hay algo perdido?
No hay algo..?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No te importo...

Por favor, perdoname
pero ya no volveré
quisieras tu olvidarme?
adelante, a ti ya te olvidé
Quizas un dia mires
no sabes si estas confundido
si quiera notas mi ausencia
acaso no hay algo perdido?
Siempre he sido el sacrificio,
no quisiste buscarme,
olvidaste que estava contigo,
lágrima no derramaste.
Canto porque sufro,
esperando me vengas a buscar,
estoy muriendo lo juro,
solo creyendo que me puedas amar.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Like Me

Sola, recordando.
Los segundos van pasando, parecen horas.
No se en realidad en lo que ahora podria pensar,
si en la mera manera de vivir o por los problemas que la ahogan.
Muchos me dicen que luche por llegar a este mundo, que tal si lucho para salir de ella?
Cansada, me limito a mirar los horizontes, sin intentar nada sobre ellas, sin querer alcanzarlas, las ganas en realidad suelen a veces esfumarse, conmigo es todo el tiempo.
Rodeo lo que me queda,
trato de ocultar lo que ya no me tengo,
de que me vale?
las estrellas estan en el cielo porque alguien las puso.
La oscuridad me rodea,
musitando palabras perdidas

Monday, May 14, 2007


En serio, creo que hay veces que nisiquiera se lo que estoy haciendo, si en realidad van bien.
A veces dudo de lo que tengo, incluso de lo que quiero, pero, Qué es lo que quiero?
No puedo ser mas que yo, aunque ya no soportaria limitarme a ser solo eso, a ser solo un ser tan simplemente definido.
Creerme tratar de alcanzar algo que valga la pena me nubla la vista en un instante, sentir que es lo mismo todo el tiempo ya me aburre.
Siguiendo en lo que quisiera ser, es todavia mi conflicto, pero, en serio se necesita tener un plan para seguir viviendo?
Qué va, tengo un mundo el dia todavia sigue siendo azul,
No quisiera que se acabara, que no cambiara su color,
pero no lo puedo evitar.
Llegan los dias lluviosos, en los que creo ahogarme dento de simples gotas
todas rodean, sin escapatoria,
pero cesa, solo un instante.
A veces creo desaparecer,

Monday, March 12, 2007

I can't More

There are times that I ask myself if it will be certain that the things happen, that last a little while single... if in fact single is something momentary. sometimes he is to me absurd to admit that I in the heat of act like any other adolescent depression and that until the things that I do another million already has done it, but that I can do. The dreams went away extinguishing with the sun, the nights frias were recorded in my skin, but the tears todavia ferviertemente fall of my eyes, crossing my face, hiding me the possibilities, drowning me slowly
A person that I know said to me that single she was under the water, and that those small seconds seemed hours, but all she happens, single is necessary to hold, but if those minutes become hours in fact? I am dying, falling, finished. But I cannot judge, that already I am spent, to cry itself privily, to suffer by the other, still I continue being ingenuous, I continue being a person whom it does not love to admit the reality. No, no longer I can, I am on the awares, I lose myself

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Espirit of the Night

you appear,
feeling the cowardice of stars you seize of the dark,
you feel to vibrate little that you have left.
Calm, asi you have to me, covered between your mantle,
the moon does not happen to be but that a star shinning in the sky,
the stars not more than spots.
You leave,
my glance me anxious runs the voice not to return to see you,
you deceive,
you do not know to me how much hurts?
I see you,
from a corner,
I do not dare to approach to me,
you are concrete,
but I do not feel to you.
You come to look for to me,
but you release to you soon,
leaving me in search of a consolation,
in search of which it can change what I feel.
Group of people,
I do not want,
but you once again force to me to lock up to me in my world,
to drown to me between the beautiful lies that a single day were shades
I am here,
I hope single I find anguishes between the torments,
why you take,
I do not understand it,
single I remain here,
watching the sky.
Again the moon is shown to the slope,
the stars fall,
the legend is fulfilled,
and you do not arrive

Monday, March 05, 2007

You're my Shadow

I am here, you cannot see me?
Locked up in some place I am,
Why you do not look for to me?
I do not know that to do,
sometimes the doubts drown my dress,
loggin my badness.
I do not know what is to love, Perhaps you know you to it?

I am here, Why you do not look for to me?
I lock in myself in your dreams,
I hide your feelings,
reflection which you need, everything.
I make die your joy,
I support to me in your old melodies.

I know that you do not want to me,
but Why still you follow with me?,
I turn your days nights,
your face I return them shades.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Where are you?

I follow, lost here, trying to find the light that calms desperate desire to see again. Treatment to hide what I feel, But the dark does not shelter to me.

I am fed up to have to fight the same with, the same Fed up with being, tired of the lies between the roses, Of the cautious candies that make me fall in thorns.
The moon is consoled with a single gesture of hatred,
That it gives more,
single tends to receive what others do not wish,
Single remembers the pasts without certain future.

The words hit to me in the mind,
But I do not want to listen to them,
Bounce in my mind, How I can remove them?

And I return to cry,
next to my informer,
That pillow that listens to me indifferent,
the overflowed words of the pain that I take inside,
a lost soul, without consolation.

I am locked up in my own destiny,
the ivy poisons little by little the feelings,
All go to the drift, By the same way.

A day I had to accept that
I am not the unique one in the world,
That thought that it was the right,
that it thought that it could be happy,
That the nights in summer do not will be a hell,
Nor the fresh springs were annoyances.

Again I ask myself, To where one went,
the only person in the world that could understand to me,
The one that worthy to accept itself to me as I am.

To where one has left what I had left of life,
To where my went to walk,
that the happiness that she yearned for,
With you they went, and you do not return

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I watch the mirror,
flashings about an hidden truth,
Silence that surrounds
to me in a mystery,
Memories which until
now they remain in the past,
Confused truths,
single lies.
Shades are those that are behind,
Still I do not understand,
why the life betrays to me,
my eyes are closed,
the lie is my word,
the sentence is my eternity.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Fallen Angel

I in vain do not see differences between a sunny spring and one night of summer, between fallen tears and a shout done. I do not see differences between an empty soul and a life without course, between a smile and a dark heart. I do not see them, simply I do not exist.
I look for to you, I do not find you, you are hidden in my feelings, after but that I want to have surrounds you move away to you, single you watch to me, you leave me desert.
Your glance undresses to me of which I have left, your wings wrap to me, take care of to me, but sometimes I feel that they drown to me, you do not let to me escape, you do not let to me breathe.
You astonish me, me saddens, knowledge that every day that happens I am to you losing, that my heart is sung to sleep, does not have consolation. I watch the sky, I remember you, when you seated to my side, you spoke to me of your life, of your longed for secrets but.
When you gathered to me of in the middle of the way, when it encountered, tapeworm your hand friend. Now you you go to me, you leave me empty. You do not have but remedy, my soul relapse.
Single I have to you, in a distant time, a spark of love, that not yet extinguishes its fire.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I see you l

I see you in the distance, I confuse with the clear sky and the light to you that your glance adorns. I do not understand, I feel to you, but I do not see you, you are here, nevertheless so far.
The dusk arrives, sometimes shut up, the sky vanishes, growing dark slowly, the stars shine under the moon, and to only I decide me you. Without words treatment to say what I feel you, the emptiness is appropriated speaking. I am strange to you, I see you, I dream to you, I create to live in a world where the possibilities do not have limits.
To remove you from my head is impossible to me, to remember you confuses to me. It enchants to me when you shut up, you encourage to me when you smile, I lose myself before the possibility of being next to you, single by verte of distant spot.
My complaints remain in a sea of confusions, my soul in the dark, what serious love sufficient to cover my wounds, to calm my pains, to remove me from the so deep hole in which I follow catched, without but company that the pain and my tears, of the walls to which I become attached to me when the consolation escapes to me, when I do not have the hope to raise to me again.
But I see you again, that you are smiling, that already I know it, I know that there will be no more dismissed this you see.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is by You

Once I thought that she was single, that I had to walk on an incessant dusk, to happen through those nightmares of which I cannot even be freed,and to watch me to the mirror every single day to see reflected in her the good thing that it was of me.

But my hopes were extinguished again, creating disturbances as opposed to my sadness, falling without being able to raise to me. I am like I am, light that rarely time got ligthplaying gropingly with the dark, soul that pays its sentence, a done life single to support the load.

When my sadness was born, single somebody deigned to see it, but since then to a little weak state. In fact she was the only person who could include/understand to me, or perhaps partly. Its stay in my head connected my fears, but I see is simple and very deep for me. Often I think that it would have to change what I am, to treat him fine, is fragile glass, that I take and my being.

A different world that I have it with you, for love to you all along. God blessed to me when it brought you to my life, had never known something like, my thought more and more is become attached to you, and I cannot avoid it.

How many they have been the moments at which I have wanted to disappear, not to return to know of me, die to me in my own hell, but something says to me that it is not worth the trouble.

To be without you, is to want to live without air, is like striking to the wind or wanting to him to shout to him to anybody. To be without you, although I can no longer I want, because you are in my life the best thing than I have. All this that I feel, dwarf, is by you.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Disquieting pain penetrates in the deep thing, Stopping my breathing suddenly, the dark brings closer when rising the moon, Not more than deceptive solitude. Smoothly the dream I am called on my face, Doing to me to lose the conscience, the thoughts crowd around itself in an restlessness sea, the words leave me out of breath, single has left to close the eyes, before the reality on which I am living a lie. The traps encamp around to me, Single collection fallen Angels, not but who miseries. Nightmares torment my soul, until when I will have to continue supporting? My forces are exhausted, I do not create to be the sufficiently strong thing to follow in the same. The options every time are less, Less and less is the light, the dark welcomes to me and the light locks up to me.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

No more about me

slowly, leaving everything, I do not want to think about my. There are people who surround to me, but nonencounter very variant things since I exist. The pain and the happiness are not different things, not in my world. With time I have learned of the others, some of which they have done to me hard by means of its weaknesses. Sometimes I reprimand myself being. I believe that I am not anybody for anybody and often I have wanted to regret to me to try to be it. There are things that I do not create to reach, the doubt and the anguish each invades my head you see that they want to try things that go outside my, I cannot escape of my same one. I cross the memories that are moved away, still the sadness accompanies to me and to think that algun day was born my happiness, but nobody wanted to see it and for that reason it died, also I was the guilty because I did not want to show it. Sigh when remembering things that a day I had now and do not exist.