Monday, February 19, 2007

Where are you?

I follow, lost here, trying to find the light that calms desperate desire to see again. Treatment to hide what I feel, But the dark does not shelter to me.

I am fed up to have to fight the same with, the same Fed up with being, tired of the lies between the roses, Of the cautious candies that make me fall in thorns.
The moon is consoled with a single gesture of hatred,
That it gives more,
single tends to receive what others do not wish,
Single remembers the pasts without certain future.

The words hit to me in the mind,
But I do not want to listen to them,
Bounce in my mind, How I can remove them?

And I return to cry,
next to my informer,
That pillow that listens to me indifferent,
the overflowed words of the pain that I take inside,
a lost soul, without consolation.

I am locked up in my own destiny,
the ivy poisons little by little the feelings,
All go to the drift, By the same way.

A day I had to accept that
I am not the unique one in the world,
That thought that it was the right,
that it thought that it could be happy,
That the nights in summer do not will be a hell,
Nor the fresh springs were annoyances.

Again I ask myself, To where one went,
the only person in the world that could understand to me,
The one that worthy to accept itself to me as I am.

To where one has left what I had left of life,
To where my went to walk,
that the happiness that she yearned for,
With you they went, and you do not return

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