Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tears for what?

Esperanzas,se han acabado,que he dejado, simples recuerdos,solo palabras.Eso no importa que pueda incluso sobrevivir,lamentar lo que viene no es necesario,Todo ha terminado.En silencio,recojo las lagrimas que en vano he derramado, solo de pensar que haya sido por un error.Sigo mi camino,en el inicio del cual no me he movido,las cadenas me hieren,mi alma expira,solo quedan estos ojos vacios,en los que ahora me reflejo.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm the same

The times in which have not been few desire not to exist. Treatment to understand the pain that I suffer, why of my tears, why of a life without sense. I have never found what I wanted, maybe there are things that look like to him, but are hopes that just a short time last shining before you. I want to shout, to run with all my forces and to leave it everything, without watched back, but i am here, locked up in a world of which my soul does not have escape. My torments surround to me, and feeling guilty, I do not have but option that to drop to me, in the only abyss in that I was stopped therefore time, finally, my forces finished, single arises to my the dark around, the heart represses to me, while I feel that I die slowly.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Därk Söul

I am isolated, truncated in my own feelings. Single I observe that the time happens and that the sun is hidden. I contemplate with fear the forgotten thoughts, locking up in circles \ to me vicious. Treatment of not doing anything, but I cannot avoid to continue hurting others. The heart for a moment vacillates and my head ask if the pain is necessary to continue living. The tears drown little that are of my, leaving me in the forgetfulness. I search carefully between the rubbish ashes of a died hope, is the unique thing that I have left to do. MY soul crosses without sense, in algun place that I do not know, in a trip of which never will return.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


When I watch my around, everything seems impossible. I see mountains so high that, I do not create to reach and a so distant horizon that I do not create to reach. The doubt and the indesición invade my mind, leaving me in target. Memory suddenly the time that happens looking for an exit now and that the encounter, I want to vacillate. Never pense that somebody wanted to me by who I am, reason why in truth I am. I wanted to deny to believe it to me, but now I cannot avoid it, the destiny me throws in pleasant face and hes to know it to me. I do not need more, so single its love is sufficient for my, finally I could find reasons for smyle. If you see this, I love you, dwarf.