Thursday, December 07, 2006

Därk Söul

I am isolated, truncated in my own feelings. Single I observe that the time happens and that the sun is hidden. I contemplate with fear the forgotten thoughts, locking up in circles \ to me vicious. Treatment of not doing anything, but I cannot avoid to continue hurting others. The heart for a moment vacillates and my head ask if the pain is necessary to continue living. The tears drown little that are of my, leaving me in the forgetfulness. I search carefully between the rubbish ashes of a died hope, is the unique thing that I have left to do. MY soul crosses without sense, in algun place that I do not know, in a trip of which never will return.

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Anonymous said...

If you feel you're alone...
I guess knowing this'll make you feel better:
I love you, and I am here for you whenever you need me, just call.
(click this for a better explanation)