Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Fallen Angel

I in vain do not see differences between a sunny spring and one night of summer, between fallen tears and a shout done. I do not see differences between an empty soul and a life without course, between a smile and a dark heart. I do not see them, simply I do not exist.
I look for to you, I do not find you, you are hidden in my feelings, after but that I want to have surrounds you move away to you, single you watch to me, you leave me desert.
Your glance undresses to me of which I have left, your wings wrap to me, take care of to me, but sometimes I feel that they drown to me, you do not let to me escape, you do not let to me breathe.
You astonish me, me saddens, knowledge that every day that happens I am to you losing, that my heart is sung to sleep, does not have consolation. I watch the sky, I remember you, when you seated to my side, you spoke to me of your life, of your longed for secrets but.
When you gathered to me of in the middle of the way, when it encountered, tapeworm your hand friend. Now you you go to me, you leave me empty. You do not have but remedy, my soul relapse.
Single I have to you, in a distant time, a spark of love, that not yet extinguishes its fire.

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