Monday, January 22, 2007

I see you l

I see you in the distance, I confuse with the clear sky and the light to you that your glance adorns. I do not understand, I feel to you, but I do not see you, you are here, nevertheless so far.
The dusk arrives, sometimes shut up, the sky vanishes, growing dark slowly, the stars shine under the moon, and to only I decide me you. Without words treatment to say what I feel you, the emptiness is appropriated speaking. I am strange to you, I see you, I dream to you, I create to live in a world where the possibilities do not have limits.
To remove you from my head is impossible to me, to remember you confuses to me. It enchants to me when you shut up, you encourage to me when you smile, I lose myself before the possibility of being next to you, single by verte of distant spot.
My complaints remain in a sea of confusions, my soul in the dark, what serious love sufficient to cover my wounds, to calm my pains, to remove me from the so deep hole in which I follow catched, without but company that the pain and my tears, of the walls to which I become attached to me when the consolation escapes to me, when I do not have the hope to raise to me again.
But I see you again, that you are smiling, that already I know it, I know that there will be no more dismissed this you see.

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