Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is by You

Once I thought that she was single, that I had to walk on an incessant dusk, to happen through those nightmares of which I cannot even be freed,and to watch me to the mirror every single day to see reflected in her the good thing that it was of me.

But my hopes were extinguished again, creating disturbances as opposed to my sadness, falling without being able to raise to me. I am like I am, light that rarely time got ligthplaying gropingly with the dark, soul that pays its sentence, a done life single to support the load.

When my sadness was born, single somebody deigned to see it, but since then to a little weak state. In fact she was the only person who could include/understand to me, or perhaps partly. Its stay in my head connected my fears, but I see is simple and very deep for me. Often I think that it would have to change what I am, to treat him fine, is fragile glass, that I take and my being.

A different world that I have it with you, for love to you all along. God blessed to me when it brought you to my life, had never known something like, my thought more and more is become attached to you, and I cannot avoid it.

How many they have been the moments at which I have wanted to disappear, not to return to know of me, die to me in my own hell, but something says to me that it is not worth the trouble.

To be without you, is to want to live without air, is like striking to the wind or wanting to him to shout to him to anybody. To be without you, although I can no longer I want, because you are in my life the best thing than I have. All this that I feel, dwarf, is by you.

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