Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'll miss you

The heart sinks slowly,
drowns the words that they want to go out,
the eyes do not resist,
the cheeks are spent

I have tried to forget,
but I cannot see what is real,
the wind carries your memory,
no longer I can more.

The night falls on me,
stars do not shine for me,
already I have understood,
everything that I need is you.

You are my only reason to live,
to feel that I am peacefully,
which I can follow in the world,
without having to watch back.

You are the force that helps to raise me to me,
the only reason of which I am in favor here,
single by you.

i am too scared,
single to have your shade between my arms,
to whisper to the ear,
that you are not here,

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